The Benefits of Learning Music

As homeschooling parents, we’re always striving to give our children a great, well-rounded education, and as you go about your school year, let me encourage you to consider making music a part of your child’s day.  Whether it be singing or learning to play an instrument, the statistics continually prove the many benefits of music.

Not only do studies show that music increases our memory, enhances coordination, and improves math, reading, and comprehension skills.  But the Word of God is also full of people who praised Him with singing and instruments!

Thankfully, there are lots of resources available to homeschoolers now so that parents can teach their children music (even for those of us without a lick of prior musical knowledge).  Or you may choose to invest in hiring a teacher.  If you go this route, our Music Lessons page on this site lists local music teachers you can choose from.

If driving distance and time are factors, the internet can be a huge help!  Using Skype to take music lessons is becoming popular and allows you to learn from the comfort of home.  So if you have a fast internet connection, remember this option is out there.

The methods of teaching and learning music are many, as are the interests and learning styles of each child.  Exploring what works best for your family is part of the joy of homeschooling!

If you’ve already embarked on the journey of teaching your child music, what resources have you found helpful?


  1. Tina Wright says:

    Does anyone know of someone who teaches guitar? Especially someone who teaches to play ‘by ear’

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