Enrichment Classes

Our Vision

We are a Christ-centered community that provides a variety of educational and enrichment classes for homeschooling families in a safe and loving environment.  We desire to strengthen Christian homeschooling families by providing times of close interaction.  We co-labor with each other and God to achieve excellence by serving each other through our strengths.

Our enrichment classes are a co-operative effort between homeschooling parents to provide classes and opportunities for their children that might otherwise be difficult or too costly to provide at the family level.

CHIP Enrichment is a co-op mainly focused on the needs of the 7-12th grade child.  We also offer classes for nursery age and kindergarden through 6th grade.  We consider the high school age to be the “meat” of our co-op and everything else to be the “gravy.”  Please keep this in mind as you look through our policies and understand that our greatest effort will be put forth in developing and offering classes for this age group.

Our class offerings are decided upon at the beginning of each semester as a group – and that is the entire group – at least one parent per family.  We discuss what we would like for our children to have for classes, we discuss what resources we have (those of our number who are willing to teach these subjects, outside teachers we may bring in, etc.), and finally we bring these two together to come up with our offerings for the semester.  We place a priority on classes that are difficult to teach at home, such as foreign language or science lab, or those that benefit from a large group setting, such as physical education.  We also like classes to be enjoyable for our students!

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