Interview with Coach Newman: Focusing on the Basics

Basketball season is underway as the Paris Warriors have already started practicing and preparing for their games that start in less than a month.  This will be the first year that the Paris Area Homeschool Athletic Association (PAHAA) has offered junior high teams in addition to JV and Varsity.

Syd Newman is the volunteer coach for the junior high boys team, and this will be his second year as a coach for PAHAA.  Recently I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his team and his coaching philosophy.

What are your main goals this year as the junior high boys coach?

“Getting the boys ready to play on the older team next year, especially the 12 & 13-year-olds.  The basics of ball-handling, footwork, shooting, man-to-man defense, and motion offense, and a good understanding of the rules should all become second-nature to them by the time they are physically and mentally mature enough to advance.”

What specific character qualities do you hope to instill or strengthen in your players?

“Honesty, integrity, initiative, diligence, respect, sportsmanship, unselfishness, and teamwork.”

What do you love most about coaching?

“Building strong relationships with the boys and their parents.  I derive a lot of satisfaction out of seeing them learn and improve, too.”

How has this organization specifically benefited your family?

“Playing competitive sports in a supportive Christian environment provides an opportunity to work on character issues that is hard to duplicate anywhere else.  What they take away from this experience will help them in adult life situations, i.e. work, family, church, etc.  What we do reinforces and builds upon the foundation laid by Christian parents.”

Part of PAHAA’s mission statement says that “Our purpose is to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, using athletics as a vehicle for the physical, mental, and Christian development of our children”.  And Coach Newman is doing just that as he focuses on the basics of faith and character while leading and teaching his young boys’ team the game of basketball.

The Warriors’ games will start soon, so be sure and check out the calendar so you can come and watch these teams in action.

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