Homeschooling Methods…What’s Your Style?

Well, it’s that time again – time to make those curriculum decisions. You’re either new to homeschooling, or trying to figure out which curriculum to choose, or you’ve been homeschooling for several years and you’re totally happy with your curriculum or you’re ready for a change.

There are so many homeschool curricula on the market. How in the world can you ever make the right choice? First, realize that just about any curriculum will work. Really, I mean that, but there are several things to consider before you make your final decision.

Some Things To Think About Before Purchasing Your Curricula: 

  1. Remember, just about any curriculum will work. The key to making it work is consistency which means you’ve got to consistently use it.
  2. Consider your child’s learning style…
    -  Do they like to sit still and work by themselves?
    -  Do they like to be around others and learn best by talking and discussing?
    -  Does your child have a hard time sitting still and paying attention?
    -  Is your child an academic who already loves research and study?
    -  Is your child a hands-on learner?
  3. What is your teaching style?
    -  Do you like everything laid out for you or do you like to do the planning?
    -  Do you like to do detailed record keeping or do you feel comfortable analyzing your child’s progress without detailed testing?
    -  Are you comfortable learning alongside your children or do you feel you need to know and understand everything before you can teach it? 
  4. If your teaching style is different than your child’s learning style, take into consideration how your child will learn best, and adapt yourself to their style.

There is no right or wrong answer. Each type of curriculum has its advantages and disadvantages. Discovering the way you teach and the way your child receives information will help you make your curricula decisions.

There are several different approaches for teaching your children to be productive, educated learners. There’s the traditional textbook approach, the classical approach, the unit study approach, the living books approach, the principle approach and the unschooling or relaxed schooling approach.

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Susan Mueller is a veteran homeschool mom who encourages families how to Raise Productive Leaders Who Love Learning at She and her husband, Ron, homeschooled their children from birth through graduation and helped launch them into adulthood and business.

She loves to visit and encourage other homeschool parents to home school with freedom and grace. You can join her mailing list and get a free copy of her e-book “The Proverbs 31 Family” at


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