CHIP Enrichment Spring Term Ends

CHIP Enrichment Classes have been an asset to homeschool families in the Paris, Texas, area for over 12 years now.  A lot of fun was had during this year’s 10-week spring session.

Co-op classes included the following opportunities for the students:

  • In Texas History, taught by Jennifer Moore, the kids learned how Texas began and even toured the Sam Bell Maxey House.
  • Students performed experiments each week in All About Weather, taught by Angelia Herndon, and ended with making a weather vane.
  • Drama classes are always a hit, and for our younger group, short skits were on order directed by Alicia Shurbet.
  • Our older students worked hard learning lines for SeussOdyssey directed by Vicki Frankland.
  • Shelly Terrell taught our preschool group about Creation, and for our nursery we had much snack and play time.

Our CHIP Enrichment Open House was held April 27, 2012, and all the students, young and old, displayed their creations and experiments for family and friends to come see how we do what we do.  We finished off the evening with short skits by our elementary group of students, and finally our high school students performed their 45-minute rendition of SeussOdyssey.

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining us for fall enrichment classes, please contact us.

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