Sponsorship & Shoot-A-Thon

To fund our season we conduct two major fundraisers. Thankfully, these have been so successful that there has not been a need to conduct multiple smaller fundraisers throughout the season. My desire is to continue funding our season in this manner with our sponsorships and Shoot-a-Thon. Because this is how we stay above water, so to speak, please read carefully.

Sponsorships are $200 each. Again this year, each player is responsible to provide at least one sponsorship. I am attaching a flyer that you can print out and take with you when you ask for sponsorships, as well as a form to fill out regarding whether it is a new/past sponsor and logo information. Please email me as you get sponsors…

Sponsorships should be turned in at the kickoff meeting when possible, If you find a willing sponsor after our kick off please get their name and information in to me ASAP so I can have their name added to our banner. For families that exceed their minimum number of sponsorships, they will receive a free family pass for our home games.

The Shoot-a-Thon is scheduled for Monday, October 9th at 4pm. Pizza will be served that evening. I have attached a pledge form. In case there are some newbies, here’s how the Shoot-a-Thon works…


  1. Before the shoot-a-thon, each player asks for pledges from friends, family, neighbors, etc… to sponsor so much money per shot that they make
  2. At the shoot-a-thon, each player will shoot 100 free throws (for the younger players, instead of free throws, they are welcome to shoot from their sweet spots…just make sure those making the pledges are aware of this)
  3. At the shoot-a-thon someone will be recording the shots made
  4. You will go back to your sponsors and collect the appropriate amount of money. (pledge per shot x number of shots made)


This is tons of fun and a great opportunity for our players to have direct involvement in funding their season, and work on their free throws at the same time! Shoot-a-thon prizes will be awarded to top shooters and the overall big money maker.

If you were unable to make it to the shoot-a-thon you can still participate in raising money. Let me or your coach know and you can make up your shots at the next practice.

Now for the fun part!!! For those players whose combined fundraising efforts (sponsorships + shoot-a-thon) reach or exceed $1000, we will be awarding them with a trip to see the Dallas Mavericks play. If enough players do this, we are looking into the cost of chartering a bus for the event. So… get out there and drum up some sponsorships and be practicing your free throws!! If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. God bless, and I’m looking forward to a great season! GO WARRIORS!!!

Jennifer Moore
Fundraising Coordinator


2017 Fundraising Info

Warriors Shoot-A-Thon 2017

Season Sponsor Information Sheet